A life never lived

Emotions we sometimes feel are stronger than anything ever scientifically proven or that which is tangible and existing in the world. Do you believe in reincarnation?

I was raised Christian and despite all that I’ve been taught to believe exploring my own spirituality has always been my thing where I would also take time in studying other religions and also hear the perspective of those who don’t believe that there is a greater power than all on earth. I’m not one to judge, afterall each to his own, right? I’m very open minded in a way that I question things and let the voice within guide me into the light. My name afterall is Faith.

I don’t believe in evolution and don’t look down at those who do. My take is that human beings are the most powerful species and can never be of equal value to the animal kingdom. We are at most times consumed by what’s around us that we lose ourselves in the process. We are capable of so much more. We are divine creatures.

I don’t normally write about spirituality but I sometimes get those days where what I feel is stronger than what I actually think.

So this morning as I woke up, I decided to play some Spanish music to get my day started. I put on Gypsy King’s greatest hits and that’s when it began. Again. The profound and immense feeling that I’ve lived before in a Spanish community. This only happens whenever I listen to Español. I do listen to other foreign music i.e French but don’t feel the things I do when listening to Spanish.

I don’t fully believe in reincarnation. I have so many unanswered questions about that however there are just these sort of deja vu moments I get whenever I listen to Spanish music. The feeling gets so real as the memories of yesterday. I can’t say a full sentence in Spanish yet the language connects with me so much. I know the mind tends to play tricks on us but this is beyond that. I don’t zone-out and start seeing things. I just feel things and get blurry images of a foreign city though I brush that off by thinking it must be things I’ve seen from a book or movie. And in that place, I’m at my most peace and in complete bliss.

Could this be some unexplained nostalgia of another life? The part of me that believes in reincarnation, believes that the reason we may not remember a thing about our other lives is that it will interfere with our current lives and as a result affect who we are now. I believe there are a lot of unexplained things on earth and even though we might not see a lot of things with our naked eye, doesn’t mean they are not there.

And to answer the question of the skeptics – No, I do not watch a lot of tv. haha

I prefer to not go deep about my spirituality or share it with others especially those who are quick to judge. I’m not a “lost” Christian. I pray about things and let the spirit of God within me guide me on this earthly journey. I am what makes me happy. And should everybody else who believe in what they do. There are people who are stuck in religions, customs and beliefs yet they are the most miserable. I say, be and believe in what makes you happy and at your most bliss.

I know what I feel is real and don’t think I’ll be any complete if I’m to believe in anything else.