The Long Awaited ~ Open Streets

I’m feeling ashamed having to only post this now, three months later. The funny thing is that I had the post saved in my drafts yet have been too consumed with other things, allowing them to take more of my time while I made excuses on why I’ll update my blog later. And later turned days to weeks and weeks to months.

I attended Open Streets for the first time on the 18th January 2015 and I loved it!

Open Streets is a citizen-driven initiative, working to design and promote streets which embed and generate respect for people, regardless of who they are, and how they move.

We (myself, boyfriend and lil sis) arrived at the event just after noon but we were still able to catch up on the excitement.


The only funny thing this clown did was to wiggle his legs when the kids handshook him. He sadly had no tricks!;/ The silverman was more fun to watch doing his dance moves.

There were just performances and activities the entire street.



It was such a beautiful day with different artistic displays around.

And this graffiti reminded me of bad cop from the Lego movie. I wonder if the artist was inspired by the movie too.

I loved this building! 

And so I took the pic again.


And again.


This was the easiest scrabble game ever. It’s a pity it was hard keeping track of your opponent as it seemed like everyone was playing on the same team.


It’s things like these that makes people want to sleep with their lights on.


These ladies were plain creepy in their costumes.

So I went to play with the colorful strings.

There was just so much!


And hey if you were done contemplating on how you could take those strings back home, then you’d go give a shout out.


haha okay I didn’t take the strings home with me but I did think about it then I realized that I won’t have any use for them at home.

This event has been definitely added to my annual list of events to attend.

The next Open Street will be held in Langa township and since I’ve never been there before I might just pop around:)

For more info check out What’soninCapetown


Cape Carnival ~ totally worth the wait!

The Kaapse Klopse is a New Year’s carnival that usually takes place in the streets of Cape Town on the 2nd of January, a date known as Tweede Nuwejaar (second new year). Rooted in slave culture, the tradition is a modern day take on the celebrations held when the slaves in the Cape were given a holiday at the start of a new year. This event takes place annually.

After having been postponed twice already, this caused massive uproar in the city – buildings were torched, people running around naked, children crying and screams everywhere – hahaha okay that’s me exaggerating, a little too much I must say. So none of that happened!! People were just upset and in my imaginative mind that’s how I pictured people’s reaction as their favorite event kept being postposted.

The official date of 17th January finally came – to people’s gratitude. People camped on the streets the night before and waited impatiently for the new day to come. And it was worth the wait!


I was very impressed by the costumes, face paints, dancing and the overall order of the event compared to the previous year.



The performers had so much energy and as they danced you could see the excitement coming straight from their hearts. Being part of this historical event meant everything and that feeling was spread throughout everyone who witnessed.


It was quite a hot summer day, I mean I had my lightest-almost-see-through top but the heat was no match to the energy the performers had despite their fully covered marvelous attires. A complete thrill to be part of!





I must say I do look forward to the next one again, maybe this time I will also have my camping gear ready!

[photos courtesy of Marwaan Sasman ~ thank you baby!:]

Totally contagious ~ Infecting the City

Part 1 of 5

What I love the most about the Mother City is the creative events they have throughout the year. The city is filled with thee most creative people show-casting their work in public events held in and around the city.

Sadly, I recently find myself not being able to attend all these exciting events. I work for an online company that provides its services internationally, which as a result we operate 24/7 because of different timezones. This has it’s pros and cons, while I can still attend some events, I still miss out on a lot others.

And this year has left little gratitude to give to my Lucky Stars. I have missed quite a lot of events due to reasons that were out of my control and all I find myself doing is reminiscing:

 Infecting The City

This is an annual cultural fiesta event where art displays, music & theatrical performances comes live into the mundane streets and gray buildings of the city. It’s contagious, amazing, attention-grabbing, enticing and intoxicating. It runs till 10pm and gets even more magical as the moon rises and the twinkly stars adds to the scenes of each performances.

These I captured at last year’s event:



IMG_0037IMG_0039As the performances are a few minutes walk apart within the city, the crowd is led by a guy painted in white with bottles on his back, I call him “The Bottleman”. He takes us from one performance to the next, making sure people do not get lost and make it on time for the next performance.


One of the bottlemen waiting patiently for the performance to finish so he can lead us to the next one.






IMG_0160 IMG_0094This is one of my favorites. You should have seen how many of these glowing sticks I collected after the performance:D




This one insanely cool. No, it’s not Hitler. He is Cecil John Rhodes one of people who played economic role in South Africa. I’m not much of a history person so won’t go into detail about him. What I loved was how they dressed his statue up in a cool shiny suit, some shoes and a hat on his hand.

Stay tuned for the follow up post of My most missed Cape Town Events Prt 2 of 5:)


~ Faith


How to know you’ve written a “bad” blog post

I’d like to believe that there is no such thing as a bad post. It may only be that it is not good as the previous ones you’ve written or that right after you published it, the internet went down for an entire day in every corner of the world and that is why you had no comments, reblogs, likes or worst views.

But then you’ve read your post over and over and it seemed entertaining in your eyes. You even shared a giggle or two. You didn’t spend 5minites writing it. It took you close to an hour compiling the words and the perfect pictures to go with it. So what could have been the problem?

As an almost great novice blogger, many us starting this journey will experience a “bad” post day and you’ll know you have one when you do the following:

  •  You constantly keep checking your blog account for updates.

  •  You start thinking that the entire Social Media went dead but when you go on your social accounts you see how alive everyone is.

  • You start having self-doubts and wonder if you must just delete your post.

  • You begin to wonder if your “friends” on Facebook really care or support your interest. After all you always comment and like their statuses.

  •  After feeling all or some of the above you realize that this is not the end of your blogging-world. You then start reminding yourself that you created the blog for yourself first and THEN to share with the rest of the world.

  •  You think of this as a learning experience. Oh how sharp and deep is the lesson?

A day or so later after doing some research on blogging tips you then come into realization that your post was actually not your best work. You acknowledge that you haven’t reached your full potential and you assure yourself that you could actually do better.

This becomes motivating on its own and makes you want to keep aiming for more.

What I have found about blogging or writing is that there is always an opportunity to learn and improve on one’s style of writing. The wisdom from people who’ve advanced and succeeded is endless.

The secret is to keep expressing yourself, don’t stop! Every great skyscraper has its foundation, till it become the giant it is. I want to be successful at blogging so there is no other way or excuse but to keep going. Yes I may have another post day like that again and soon enough there won’t be none.


Bonjour my Bel Ami

French has always been thought as a romantic language and from an early age nothing appeared more romantic for me than laying on a picnic blanket with this extremely good-looking guy on my side, gazing into my eyes and speaking French. At that very moment I would smile endlessly as I saw my future-self lovestruck, staring back at my conquest’s eyes as he uttered words that did nothing but melt my heart. Those words may as well have been that I was wearing a hideous dress and I wouldn’t care much. The only thing that would matter is that he was speaking French and me believing every word of him declaring his love for me.


So, 2014 I finally officially began my journey in learning the language. Believe me I have attempted in the past but other things got in the way. Yeah, yeah I know that is not a good enough excuse. At one point I wanted to learn Italian, then Spanish and back to Italian and French. Anywho, now that I have French speaking friends, learning it now while I still have them around for practicing seemed to be a wise decision. 

I don’t know much about French History or its everyday up and downs. It’s still intriguing that the names of some items or acts have the word “French” before them yet we call out these names all the time without thinking of the history behind them. 

I’ll always love me some french-kiss but after I’ve secretly indulged on some french fries maybe with a bit of french toast if I dare go beyond what my tummy can handle. 

So Bonjour to you:)










Welcome to the world of the Extraordinaires

I’m one of those people who love having a good measure of spontaneity with a right amount of routine on the side. I love putting things where I’ll know I will find them. I sometimes put labels on things even when its not necessary (I mean I stay by myself and don’t suffer from amnesia), yet I would still go ahead with labeling a container especially when unpacking something from its original packaging . I love arranging things in blending colors that compliment each other, stripes stick together and the darks at the bottom shelf of my wardrobe. The cds stacked according to genres but the dvds according to the color of dvd case. And no I don’t suffer from any OCD, neither am I in denial about it.

In my loving where to find what I’m looking for, I recently started getting upset with two of my local grocery stores for not frequently stocking my favorite products and today I took the initiative to write them an informal email about my dissatisfaction as a customer for their lack of consistency on their stock. I felt very inconvenience as customer to have to travel to a different outlet to get what I used to normally get a stone throw away from my apartment.  I understand if a product gets discontinued by the manufacture, but it does not make sense if you can find it from the exact same store branch that’s in a different location than yours. I mean why is it that one branch can get the products right and the other can’t. It’s upsetting when people do not do their jobs right, it causes a lot of unnecessary inconvenience and emotions of anger on those who get affected.

 Having had an intensive experience  in customer services I have found that a large percentage of people would rather settle for what they get or shop elsewhere, while there is still a percentage who take the initiative to put their concerns forward. Do not get me wrong, there are people who just love complaining to fulfill their egoistic nature in trying to prove that they know better than the rest. I’ve had an experience with all types of customers and with others you can even feel and tell from their voice just how much fun they are getting from complaining about something they are not deserving of.. But this is for another post..

So, back to keeping things where I’d like them to be…

I can be very messy at times. I would do things as if I’m in an endless music video and the success of the video is dependent on the level of spontaneity I add on it. Those spare of the moment things that make you feel like you are living a complete life. I’m a very chaotically orderly person and on this blog will be sharing my outdoor experiences from secret-shopping, actual shopping and eating out, stories from awesome events, venting out all my bad or good customer services experiences, pics of this & that and rating everything in between.

Hope you’ll enjoy!:)