Stronger urges…and the lack of Abience

This recently happened to my younger sister. She just couldn’t sleep without putting her point across. It bothered her so much that some idiot had put a certain post and he needed to be set straight.

I wanted to intervene and tell her to let go, it will still be there tomorrow. But just before I was about to speak, I remembered that I’ve been in her shoes before. I just wouldn’t let it go. There was no way I was going to sleep peacefully without letting the thoughts that had started to hunt me laid to rest. You can’t help but obsess, and like a drug addict the craving is so hard and you can only be relieved once you’ve had your take.

And when that moment arrives where you’ve said it all and about to enter your last full stop, a sense of pride starts setting in.

There!!” you say with such satisfaction and pride.

You have after-all, just saved society from being infected by idiocy.