When it finally happens, it happens!

When everything you have hoped for comes together and you just want to explode into this giant million confetti.

After being devastated about one of my favourite artist coming to town and I had no means of seeing him. I decided to take the matters to another level – Entering Competitions. Get this, I’ve never won any competition so this was already a risk on its own but I told myself that I was going to give it my absolute ALL. I searched for every site giving about tickets to see Paolo Nutini’s show and entered each competition with my entire being, soul and heart. I had to win. Losing was no option. I sent emails, wrote on Facebook walls and made comments.

I was ecstatic that one of the sites I always frequent, Bizcommunity also hosted a competition to win tickets. I did by absolute best, believed with all my might and left it all unto the hands of the universe.


A day later, I made it. I won!!

I’m about to get ready for the concert now. Totally Incredibly out-of-this-world EXCITED!!!!