The Sweet Surprise

When my boyfriend heard about my heartbreak on me finding out that I will be missing Paolo Nutini’s concert because of finding out about it so late. He surprised me with something that had not crossed my mind even by a single second.

He had read the post I published at dawn on Saturday (though might show as published yesterday due to technical issues). He just knew just how to melt my heart, making me all better about the whole ordeal.

So on Saturday afternoon as we headed on our adventures in the city, he put on the radio and what my ears heard just swept me off my feet. My heart just  melted and I wanted to cry, scream, kiss him endlessly and just hug him so tightly.

We had never listened to Paolo Nutini in his car before and despite our music taste which is not always similar, he took it upon himself to make me a mix cd of all Paolo’s albums (as I didn’t have all the albums). I was just blown away. The thought, time and effort of him doing all of that.

I just loved him even more for being so incredible. He just gets me and knew how to fill that void of disappointment. I felt so much at that moment and didn’t know how to express it. He is my person.

Thank you baby.

I love you madly!