The Silver lining – could this be it? (P.N)

There might just be light at the end of the tunnel that I’m in. Or could it be a train coming towards me, ready to hit me with more disappointment?

This is a follow up to my post on Paolo Nutini’s concert coming up this week. So the update is that I’m luckily not working on the 19th March, which means that I can still catch his second day performance but now the problem is getting the actual ticket.

Is it just my experience or do the people who arrange concert dates make sure they do so a week before your payday, that way you’re a loser if you’re not so good at saving like me and this is just to spite you so you learn a lesson to finally stop being so reckless with your money? I know they probably announce way in advance but sadly the news never reach every eye:/

So this is my situation right now. I’m available to go but have no financial means to get there.

“Don’t despair child, the road is not over yet.” says the little voice inside of me, in the softest of all tones yet so warm I had an instant light bulb moment.

10922464_10152781116774565_5350361192527921791_n-2 copy

I don’t know what it is but my mind seems to be on a slow mode recently. It’s like the mind and soul are not living in the same dimension.

I mean I have no idea why I only thought of this now.

So the idea is to search all sites that are giving away Paolo Nutini’s concert tickets. It’s 8pm on a Sunday and I only thought of this now after having found out on the 11th. My goodness!!

I am now following every possible instruction needed for me to win those tickets.

I’M NOT EATING. I’M NOT DRINKING. I’M NOT SLEEPING. I’M NOT EVEN BLINKING. Hey, I’m even holding my breath as I type this. Okay, maybe not. I do afterall need to be alive to be part of this amazing experience I so badly seek.

This is the silver lining, so lets see where it takes me.

I’m leaving it all up to the universe now.

Fingers crossed!