When my Wednesday became a Numbsday

Do you ever get this nudging feeling that sort of involuntary controls your body and mind, then you find yourself at a place or in a position you had not thought about the previous night before you went to bed? More like a new experience that just embraces your life when you least expected and you’re not sure how to best react. This experience letting you discover something you have missed or if the stars are on your side, you still have an opportunity to be part of. Well the heavens are not on my side this time.

And all I keep hearing are the voices repeating the same question:

Q: “How could I have not known?”

And the other answers:

A: “Simple, it’s your own fault.”

I’m still screaming inside. A little more like this guy.

Okay maybe I’m being a little too dramatic here. I’ll get to the point. One beautiful evening about 8 years ago I was working night shift and to help speed up the hours of the night especially on less busy periods I needed some entertainment. So I started searching the net for sites with live streaming as I badly needed entertainment. And no, not the kind of entertainment you may be thinking about;) hahaha.

I finally found the site that was not blocked by IT. It was one of those sites that has a top music hit list. So I clicked on Paolo Nutini – New shoes and just loved what I heard. It instantly became my favorite song, so much so that I played it repeatedly and even got the lyrics to sing along. It was a perfect match.

Do you ever listen to a song for the very first time and you just completely love it? It’s as though he had you in his mind as he drafted the song, word by word, every tune and knew that once it reaches your ears you will utterly and completely love it. After all it was written just for YOU! A few weeks later I bought the album and was just crazy about Paolo.

I became infatuated in a way that I saved every cool picture of him that I could find on the internet as my wallpaper and posters. I loved Paolo Nutini! Don’t be judging me, I’m sure you’ve done something similar too!?! haha

So on Wednesday morning when I woke up, feeling joyful without a clue on what will hit me an hour later. I first finished watching a few scenes of John Wick that I had missed the previous night and then went on the internet. I checked social media sites, then onto Googling ideas in celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday and events around the city. I kept clicking away and eventually found myself in a site that got me screaming, upset and just numb.

I discovered that my very own Paolo Nutini will be performing next week just 5km to where I stay and I had no clue. And to top it all up, I am working on the days. I was screwed so badly by the universe. How could I have missed this?! Paulo If only I had known, I would have planned better. The thing about me is that I’m very choosy when it comes to artists I’d love to see perform. Let’s face it not all musicians give a good performance. It’s as though their glory fades away the minute they walk out of the studio. So Paolo Nutini was on my exception list.

You can just imagine the disappointment in me. Regretting not going on internet as often as I used to before, not having the Cape town’s event page on Facebook, not following Paolo on twitter (or being on twitter as much as I used to in the past) and just letting things pass me by.

Lesson’s learned: 

  1. I need to start being on top of my game and not let the things I enjoy most pass me by despite the busyness of my life.
  2. Be more present on social media and keeping up to date with current affairs/latest entertainment news (not celebrity gossip or upsetting politics)
  3. Repeat #1

And maybe, like Paolo’s song –  I just need to put some new shoes on and everything will be right.