The Long Awaited ~ Open Streets

I’m feeling ashamed having to only post this now, three months later. The funny thing is that I had the post saved in my drafts yet have been too consumed with other things, allowing them to take more of my time while I made excuses on why I’ll update my blog later. And later turned days to weeks and weeks to months.

I attended Open Streets for the first time on the 18th January 2015 and I loved it!

Open Streets is a citizen-driven initiative, working to design and promote streets which embed and generate respect for people, regardless of who they are, and how they move.

We (myself, boyfriend and lil sis) arrived at the event just after noon but we were still able to catch up on the excitement.


The only funny thing this clown did was to wiggle his legs when the kids handshook him. He sadly had no tricks!;/ The silverman was more fun to watch doing his dance moves.

There were just performances and activities the entire street.



It was such a beautiful day with different artistic displays around.

And this graffiti reminded me of bad cop from the Lego movie. I wonder if the artist was inspired by the movie too.

I loved this building! 

And so I took the pic again.


And again.


This was the easiest scrabble game ever. It’s a pity it was hard keeping track of your opponent as it seemed like everyone was playing on the same team.


It’s things like these that makes people want to sleep with their lights on.


These ladies were plain creepy in their costumes.

So I went to play with the colorful strings.

There was just so much!


And hey if you were done contemplating on how you could take those strings back home, then you’d go give a shout out.


haha okay I didn’t take the strings home with me but I did think about it then I realized that I won’t have any use for them at home.

This event has been definitely added to my annual list of events to attend.

The next Open Street will be held in Langa township and since I’ve never been there before I might just pop around:)

For more info check out What’soninCapetown