Cape Carnival ~ totally worth the wait!

The Kaapse Klopse is a New Year’s carnival that usually takes place in the streets of Cape Town on the 2nd of January, a date known as Tweede Nuwejaar (second new year). Rooted in slave culture, the tradition is a modern day take on the celebrations held when the slaves in the Cape were given a holiday at the start of a new year. This event takes place annually.

After having been postponed twice already, this caused massive uproar in the city – buildings were torched, people running around naked, children crying and screams everywhere – hahaha okay that’s me exaggerating, a little too much I must say. So none of that happened!! People were just upset and in my imaginative mind that’s how I pictured people’s reaction as their favorite event kept being postposted.

The official date of 17th January finally came – to people’s gratitude. People camped on the streets the night before and waited impatiently for the new day to come. And it was worth the wait!


I was very impressed by the costumes, face paints, dancing and the overall order of the event compared to the previous year.



The performers had so much energy and as they danced you could see the excitement coming straight from their hearts. Being part of this historical event meant everything and that feeling was spread throughout everyone who witnessed.


It was quite a hot summer day, I mean I had my lightest-almost-see-through top but the heat was no match to the energy the performers had despite their fully covered marvelous attires. A complete thrill to be part of!





I must say I do look forward to the next one again, maybe this time I will also have my camping gear ready!

[photos courtesy of Marwaan Sasman ~ thank you baby!:]