Be the best of YOU

Sometimes we just need to stop what we are doing, thinking and feeling and just detox.

Let go of things that don’t matter. Ill feelings caused by things around us. Bitterness caused by experiences of others.

Being too judgmental. Putting too much attention to things we actually care less about.

Thinking over and over about what went wrong instead of lesson behind that awful mistake.

Let go of those who do not belong in our space. Embrace what we love the most and the people who are worth keeping in our lives.

Love, love and love. Smile more, laugh harder and exercise a bit.

Switch off the telly. Turn off that constant buzzing text messages. Switch off the negative noise that’s around you.

Think happier thoughts. Make it your daily challenge to show more love to yourself- you’re the only YOU in the world afterall.

Be thankful of little things. Creative more blissful experiences. Some people think they need to wait till they have more money, more of this or that before they can actually enjoy life while in actual fact to enjoy life one must simply create the best of little moments.

Design your life the best way that you possible can. Live. Cry. Dance. Be kind. Get a beauty sleep. Jump. Laugh till your tummy hurts. Take a walk. Open your eyes more to opportunities and beauty that’s around you.

Express yourself and just be the best version of YOU.

Love is a bright idea
Love is a brilliant plan
I built my life around a bright idea
I built my life around the love that I’ve found” – Mother Mother, Bright Idea