The List of the Week

What do you do when you have so many “light bulb” moments that you lose touch on the light itself?

So the past few days I’ve had all these ideas of what I wanted to write about on my next post. It seemed that as the sun rose to give new day, all these topics of interests increased and the more I would start scribbling down one post idea, another idea totally different in all form would pop in my head and would seem even more exciting than the first. So I ended up with quite a few drafts, most of which have not gone past their first paragraph. 

My mind was just allover the place.

This evening I reached a decision to do what I do best and that is to make a list. Posts of my top 5 this or that, just for the next
 3 days while I work on completing my other drafts. This way instead of pulling my hair over the work in progress posts, I would still have something I’m posting in the interim. Last week I got lazy and ended up not having anything posted, which was something I had previously told myself I wouldn’t do.

I guess as a blogger sometimes one falls into the doubt mode of not being quite sure if what you are posting is a good content or not. I understand that to write is to do it for oneself and then to share that with others, but then again what you write should be something that you yourself would stop and read. And in all that the only way to improve in your writing is to keep writing without stop whether it may look good or not at the time. Room for improvement is as Grand as the Canyon.

So here starts my first top 5 list.

Have a blissful evening! 🙂