When the going gets tough…

Things do not always turn out the way that we hope they will. We dream. We aspire. We hope and we move forward. The people we’ve known for years and held close in our hearts become strangers. It’s easy to forget that people change and that is a privilege on its own, after all it is their lives. And nobody has a right to be get angry about that. It’s not your call to judge. Haven’t you changed too? more than once if you can recall? Yes it will hurt especially since its the least that you expected from them. And so we live.

We make mistakes. We pay the price. And we move on. What matters is for you to take something from it. Snatch it with both hands.

I love life. I love how blissful it can get. I hate how harsh it can be too. Oh hate what a strong word. Isn’t it better to sometimes let it get the better of you, attack you with it’s stones of cruelty and let it watch just how hard you fight right back? You can’t blame it. We throw things into it all the time. Our thoughts. Our fears. Our dreams. Our detest of this and that. Our hopes. Our love. Our shenanigansIt is after all 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react on it.

I don’t know if what hurts the most is the realization of how the next person truly feels about you or hanging on to hope that the light will shine upon their face and they will see just how unnecessary they’re actions are. I can’t promise you that I’m fine but I’m okay. I still love life. Oh I hate it less. Who am I kidding, it’s not its fault. I mean didn’t it just flash all the memories of my past experiences where I’ve fought tougher battles. All to prove that I am stronger than this? And guess what, I’ve come out alright. Maybe it’s too early to give myself a pat on the shoulder but it is the perfect time to acknowledge that this little obstacle is no match for me. I’ll punch it right in the face.

“I’m a friend” so whisper’s Life. “I only takes what you put into me, whatever comes out are just the results of what you’ve sown and of the people around you.” 

So, be okay! Feel the hurt and move on. Don’t cling to it. You’re better than that. Learn from this, accept, make peace and move on. This too shall pass. After all we are family.

[this is written based on my recent experience ~ To myself. About my feelings. And at myself.]


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