Totally contagious ~ Infecting the City

Part 1 of 5

What I love the most about the Mother City is the creative events they have throughout the year. The city is filled with thee most creative people show-casting their work in public events held in and around the city.

Sadly, I recently find myself not being able to attend all these exciting events. I work for an online company that provides its services internationally, which as a result we operate 24/7 because of different timezones. This has it’s pros and cons, while I can still attend some events, I still miss out on a lot others.

And this year has left little gratitude to give to my Lucky Stars. I have missed quite a lot of events due to reasons that were out of my control and all I find myself doing is reminiscing:

 Infecting The City

This is an annual cultural fiesta event where art displays, music & theatrical performances comes live into the mundane streets and gray buildings of the city. It’s contagious, amazing, attention-grabbing, enticing and intoxicating. It runs till 10pm and gets even more magical as the moon rises and the twinkly stars adds to the scenes of each performances.

These I captured at last year’s event:



IMG_0037IMG_0039As the performances are a few minutes walk apart within the city, the crowd is led by a guy painted in white with bottles on his back, I call him “The Bottleman”. He takes us from one performance to the next, making sure people do not get lost and make it on time for the next performance.


One of the bottlemen waiting patiently for the performance to finish so he can lead us to the next one.






IMG_0160 IMG_0094This is one of my favorites. You should have seen how many of these glowing sticks I collected after the performance:D




This one insanely cool. No, it’s not Hitler. He is Cecil John Rhodes one of people who played economic role in South Africa. I’m not much of a history person so won’t go into detail about him. What I loved was how they dressed his statue up in a cool shiny suit, some shoes and a hat on his hand.

Stay tuned for the follow up post of My most missed Cape Town Events Prt 2 of 5:)


~ Faith