Ripped Jeans and how to best rock them

I love LOVE ripped jeans. They are my most treasured and favorite item of clothing I have in my wardrobe. Treasured in a way that they can only be worn at a specific time and in the right way. Sounds silly of me right? After all are they are torn. Well you’d be surprised.

What most people often take for granted is to think that in wearing these jeans it makes them look hot and stand out from the rest. While the latter can be true, these jeans are still fragile in a sense that you wear them wrong and they send in incorrect message about you or your look:


Fashion trends are there to guide us and do not always work for everyone. I believe in creating your own trend though that only works wonders when you do it right. While one can get away with a lot of things in winter since it’s all about covering up, summer season is not as merciful and a lot goes wrong, you’d want to take your eyes out at what you see out there.

What I love even more about these jeans is that they are one item of clothing that never goes out of season. 

As we are slowly approaching spring and summer seasons here on the Southern side of the world, the summer trends have already been paved out by the North giving us enough time to prepare our bodies and minds on how to look our fab self as the hangers gets populated with them dresses and short shorts. Counting the days!!:D

Okay so without any further ado, lets start with the UGLIES:


This reminds me of those movies about troubled goth looking teens who spend most of their time in underground clubs.


Too much. Tacky!.. It makes her genuine LV bag look fake.


This makes me just want to rip off the bottom part leaving her in a cool summery short.


Need I say more?! (covering my eyes in repugnance)


There is too much going on here – the top is too loose, hanging everywhere. The jeans could have worked if she was wearing a more tight fitting top.

132e899b4139f8e5ae3f957747f892a4When less is more…or should I say when more is MORE!!

ripped jeans


Okay, the wait to get to the GREAT part was just killing me. Let’s get this drum rolling….







Rihanna arrives at Boujis nightclub in South Kensington

Ripped jeans. @stylelist @neimanmarcus

{ ripped jeans }

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Chunky scarf, sweater, torn jeans and ankle boots!



So at the end of the day, being creative is the key but trying to stand out in the process can be pretty risky. The deciding factor lies mostly on the top and the type of shoes worn. The more tight fitting top the better. If the jeans are loose i.e the boyfriend jeans style then a top shorter in length adds more sassiness than longer one that covers your hip area. When the jeans are a skinny kind, then you can get away with a loose top. Shoes also play a great role, as a nice pair of high heels adds more elegance while flats only give you a plain yet nice good look.

Last but not least, remember to play around with accessories where needed. A nice clutch or handheld bag completes the look bringing more attention your entire look as oppose to large sling bags.

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