How to know you’ve written a “bad” blog post

I’d like to believe that there is no such thing as a bad post. It may only be that it is not good as the previous ones you’ve written or that right after you published it, the internet went down for an entire day in every corner of the world and that is why you had no comments, reblogs, likes or worst views.

But then you’ve read your post over and over and it seemed entertaining in your eyes. You even shared a giggle or two. You didn’t spend 5minites writing it. It took you close to an hour compiling the words and the perfect pictures to go with it. So what could have been the problem?

As an almost great novice blogger, many us starting this journey will experience a “bad” post day and you’ll know you have one when you do the following:

  •  You constantly keep checking your blog account for updates.

  •  You start thinking that the entire Social Media went dead but when you go on your social accounts you see how alive everyone is.

  • You start having self-doubts and wonder if you must just delete your post.

  • You begin to wonder if your “friends” on Facebook really care or support your interest. After all you always comment and like their statuses.

  •  After feeling all or some of the above you realize that this is not the end of your blogging-world. You then start reminding yourself that you created the blog for yourself first and THEN to share with the rest of the world.

  •  You think of this as a learning experience. Oh how sharp and deep is the lesson?

A day or so later after doing some research on blogging tips you then come into realization that your post was actually not your best work. You acknowledge that you haven’t reached your full potential and you assure yourself that you could actually do better.

This becomes motivating on its own and makes you want to keep aiming for more.

What I have found about blogging or writing is that there is always an opportunity to learn and improve on one’s style of writing. The wisdom from people who’ve advanced and succeeded is endless.

The secret is to keep expressing yourself, don’t stop! Every great skyscraper has its foundation, till it become the giant it is. I want to be successful at blogging so there is no other way or excuse but to keep going. Yes I may have another post day like that again and soon enough there won’t be none.


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