Bonjour my Bel Ami

French has always been thought as a romantic language and from an early age nothing appeared more romantic for me than laying on a picnic blanket with this extremely good-looking guy on my side, gazing into my eyes and speaking French. At that very moment I would smile endlessly as I saw my future-self lovestruck, staring back at my conquest’s eyes as he uttered words that did nothing but melt my heart. Those words may as well have been that I was wearing a hideous dress and I wouldn’t care much. The only thing that would matter is that he was speaking French and me believing every word of him declaring his love for me.


So, 2014 I finally officially began my journey in learning the language. Believe me I have attempted in the past but other things got in the way. Yeah, yeah I know that is not a good enough excuse. At one point I wanted to learn Italian, then Spanish and back to Italian and French. Anywho, now that I have French speaking friends, learning it now while I still have them around for practicing seemed to be a wise decision. 

I don’t know much about French History or its everyday up and downs. It’s still intriguing that the names of some items or acts have the word “French” before them yet we call out these names all the time without thinking of the history behind them. 

I’ll always love me some french-kiss but after I’ve secretly indulged on some french fries maybe with a bit of french toast if I dare go beyond what my tummy can handle. 

So Bonjour to you:)