Will Smith dead Again?!

You know how sometimes you don’t get any shock when you hear that someone has died, this is  because of either knowing how reckless they’ve been with their lives or when they were sick for an awfully long time. Then when you get the news of someone you totally unexpected, that they have passed it brings nothing but a huge disbelief!

I know that death is an end of our earthly path for us all though each time you learn of someone whose died it hits you like a new experience and you want to scream


“No it can’t be!”

So this morning I logged on to twitter and one of the retweets some idiot posted read “Will Smith has died..”.

My first words were “No, it can’t be right. Not Will Smith!”

Well it turned out to be a hoax that was spread around beginning of the year (I must have missed it). What surprised me moments later is the profound disbelief I had as though he is immortal or that I would in fact feel it the day he actually dies. Silly of me, right?


Well I’m glad he is alive!

Internet death hoax have become such a trend in sense that they cause so much commotion and kind of puts a lighter side to death- its a laughing matter at the end. And thanks to the different time zones, by the time someone from the one side of the world reads a celebrity hoax, it’s already been proven false on the another state/country. I wonder if the origins of these hoaxes are ever get caught, but I guess they don’t as this continues year in and year out. Ask these guys:


The Promiscuous Charlie Sheen – a hero to most guys, what has he not done?


little Bieber at Kids Choice Awards……


Justin all grown up


Tom Cruise – Who will ever forget this?


Eminem Mr Controversy


Miss Paris Hilton and her many sexy poses

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Eddie Murphy - All I'm hearing as I type his name is his loud squeaky voice. You gotta be known for something right?

Eddie Murphy – All I’m hearing as I type his name is his loud squeaky voice. You gotta be known for something right?


Matt Damon in his utmost scandaless supremacy


Lady G, and her disturbing fashion statements! Gaga The Strange!


Mr. Clooney, I’m still head over heels with your name if not much more.


The powerful voice of Cher


Jeff Goldblum, I still can’t get over The Fly movie

Misunderstood..Bon Jovi:)

Misunderstood..Bon Jovi:)

Taylor Lautner ..Mr Were;)

Taylor Lautner ..Mr Were;)

And so the list goes on and on..

Death is complex. Its a subject most avoid.

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Hell, I hate death and wish I could live forever to see the advanced technology we see in the scifi movies.

But such is death. We can only pray it never reaches us or our loved ones sooner.