Totally contagious ~ Infecting the City

Part 1 of 5

What I love the most about the Mother City is the creative events they have throughout the year. The city is filled with thee most creative people show-casting their work in public events held in and around the city.

Sadly, I recently find myself not being able to attend all these exciting events. I work for an online company that provides its services internationally, which as a result we operate 24/7 because of different timezones. This has it’s pros and cons, while I can still attend some events, I still miss out on a lot others.

And this year has left little gratitude to give to my Lucky Stars. I have missed quite a lot of events due to reasons that were out of my control and all I find myself doing is reminiscing:

 Infecting The City

This is an annual cultural fiesta event where art displays, music & theatrical performances comes live into the mundane streets and gray buildings of the city. It’s contagious, amazing, attention-grabbing, enticing and intoxicating. It runs till 10pm and gets even more magical as the moon rises and the twinkly stars adds to the scenes of each performances.

These I captured at last year’s event:



IMG_0037IMG_0039As the performances are a few minutes walk apart within the city, the crowd is led by a guy painted in white with bottles on his back, I call him “The Bottleman”. He takes us from one performance to the next, making sure people do not get lost and make it on time for the next performance.


One of the bottlemen waiting patiently for the performance to finish so he can lead us to the next one.






IMG_0160 IMG_0094This is one of my favorites. You should have seen how many of these glowing sticks I collected after the performance:D




This one insanely cool. No, it’s not Hitler. He is Cecil John Rhodes one of people who played economic role in South Africa. I’m not much of a history person so won’t go into detail about him. What I loved was how they dressed his statue up in a cool shiny suit, some shoes and a hat on his hand.

Stay tuned for the follow up post of My most missed Cape Town Events Prt 2 of 5:)


~ Faith


Age before Beauty

I write this after being inspired by a friend’s Facebook post which got me all Fuzzy and Nostalgic as I looked back at how far I have crawled and traveled through life.

Okay, writing this post may reveal my real age [blushing]…Damn to the person who planted the idea in young people’s heads that they should feel Shame and Awkwardness when asked how old they are, while in the ages of time people lived to be over 200 in years.

I will not be subject to criminal abuseTimothy Cavendish, Cloud Atlas movie

Why should one be ashamed of being a few decades old? thoughts exactly!..

It is truly funny that when we are kids all we want to do is to grow up yet once we are all grown up we wish we were younger again. Oh the sorrow of life..

So my friend shared this:


How simple life was growing up. It costs a lot of money to entertain kids of nowadays and with that the price of disciplining them is even higher.

Society has made it harder to be young. One is expected to be a certain way, have achieved a certain level of education, career, made so much money, gotten married etc. It’s as if your life gets laid out for you and if have not gone that path you are sort of frowned upon.

You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.” ~ George Burns

I remember a year ago when I asked my 5 year old nephew how old he thought I was, he looked at my height then with great confidence and pride said 11. When I finally told him how old I really was, he looked disturbed and tried to argue that. Oh how simple the mind of a child is.

Now that I think of all the times I’ve been asked how old I am, I realize that I have felt more trust telling my real age to a crowd that is in my age group or older. After all they know how it is or was being my age before. Nothing surprises them. While when with a way younger crowd, they always give you a look that makes you wonder if they are aware that they too are going to reach my age. Somebody please tell them they won’t stay 20 forever? And so with this thought in mind I let them make their own assumptions. Here we go again, the feeling of shame. Yeah fine, maybe one day I’ll stand tall amongst these youngstars and shout to the top of my lungs with the deepest pride that I’m..


Hell, I’m proud to be 28!! Yeah I said it..

Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” ~Leroy “Satchel” Paige

As I’m slowly exit my 20s, I can see it was well lived. A lot of errors were done as I started my 20s journey while finding my feet as an adult and yes I do wish I knew then all that I know now but then again if I did, they would’t have been much room for growth. Time is too precious and I can’t afford to dwell on regrets. It’s too pricey and takes all the now moment you could be using now for something better.

After all, Age is merely the duration of life and what is life if not lived in your own terms.

Ripped Jeans and how to best rock them

I love LOVE ripped jeans. They are my most treasured and favorite item of clothing I have in my wardrobe. Treasured in a way that they can only be worn at a specific time and in the right way. Sounds silly of me right? After all are they are torn. Well you’d be surprised.

What most people often take for granted is to think that in wearing these jeans it makes them look hot and stand out from the rest. While the latter can be true, these jeans are still fragile in a sense that you wear them wrong and they send in incorrect message about you or your look:


Fashion trends are there to guide us and do not always work for everyone. I believe in creating your own trend though that only works wonders when you do it right. While one can get away with a lot of things in winter since it’s all about covering up, summer season is not as merciful and a lot goes wrong, you’d want to take your eyes out at what you see out there.

What I love even more about these jeans is that they are one item of clothing that never goes out of season. 

As we are slowly approaching spring and summer seasons here on the Southern side of the world, the summer trends have already been paved out by the North giving us enough time to prepare our bodies and minds on how to look our fab self as the hangers gets populated with them dresses and short shorts. Counting the days!!:D

Okay so without any further ado, lets start with the UGLIES:


This reminds me of those movies about troubled goth looking teens who spend most of their time in underground clubs.


Too much. Tacky!.. It makes her genuine LV bag look fake.


This makes me just want to rip off the bottom part leaving her in a cool summery short.


Need I say more?! (covering my eyes in repugnance)


There is too much going on here – the top is too loose, hanging everywhere. The jeans could have worked if she was wearing a more tight fitting top.

132e899b4139f8e5ae3f957747f892a4When less is more…or should I say when more is MORE!!

ripped jeans


Okay, the wait to get to the GREAT part was just killing me. Let’s get this drum rolling….


bf07bd9f8490e26e151da0a0c3f27fe4rachelbilson-torn-jeans Continue reading

Rest In Peace Robin Williams

A cloud of darkness fell upon Hollywood once again as one of its best Academy Award-winning actor took his own life. It is speculated that the star had been battling severe depression for quite some time now. It’s funny how its always easy to assume that all these stars have everything most people want yet they always seem to miss the little things that makes those who have nothing fulfilled, happy and complete.

I have mixed emotions when it comes to people who take their own lives. I find it as an act of selfishness, especially when the people who suffer the most from this act are the ones left behind. It’s always hard losing a loved one, however losing one from suicide leaves all these unanswered questions. You find yourself grieving one moment and the next so angry at yourself for not seeing it coming. Upset that they did this to themselves, instead of coming to you for help. 

You don't know about real loss cause it only occurs when you've loved something more than you love yourself

Yes it’s easy to say that when you live on earth it’s only for you, but you also live for others in the way that you touch their lives through little things, it can be as simple as a smile or saying thank you. The choices and decisions we make are our own but do affect others one way or the other. It close to impossible to live a life that will not have an impact on those close/next to you, one way or the other.

Robin Williams, hope you are at peace where you are now. Never to be troubled with what life threw at you. Yes I may say what you did was a selfish act, but it does take a lot of courage too. 


So, on the lighter side of things here is a list of some of my most favorite Robin William movies that will continue in celebration of his creations~




very sad creepy man in ONE HOUR PHOTO






The Robot with emotions on BICENTENNIAL MAN

oh thinking about this made me feel like a kid again – HOOK

haha need I say more – OLD DOGS


the family trip that I wished I was part of in RV

when everything comes to life in THE NIGHT OF THE MUSEUM


Man with a cool hat in AUGUST RUSH

And lastly, the one I’m yet to see:


He has entertained our small and big screens; and this will live on!

RIP Robin Williams

Things you didn’t know about Necktie

After a few clicks there and there, the history of neckties revealed itself.
Did you know that in ….

221 BCChina’s first emperor, Shih Huang Ti, and his “terracotta army” were buried in an underground tomb in Xi’an. Each life-size militia member-replica wore a neck tie. 


113 AD: Early Roman orators wore neckerchiefs to keep their vocal cords warm. 

1650The Croatian scarf, which was a part of that country’s military uniform, came to France and was embraced as fashionable attire in King Louis XIV’s court. The French term for tie, “la cravate,” which many believe to be derived from the word “croat,” was used to describe the accessory. 

1692The steinkirke, a neck cloth with long lace ends and which is worn in a disheveled manner, became popular. It originated at the battle of Steinkirke, when French soldiers tucked their neck scarves into their buttonholes because they were caught by surprise by the enemy and had no time to properly dress. 

1784Beau Brummel, an authority on men’s fashion in Regency England, was said to be the first person to associate a neck cloth with individuality and self expression. 

1800sAccording to the Neckwear Association of America, to touch another man’s cravat in this decade was taboo and a catalyst for a duel. 


1818Neckclothitania was published, a book that illustrated 14 different ways to tie a cravat. Its publication marked the initial usage of the word “tie” in reference to men’s neckwear

1840“Tie” replaced the word “cravat” on a mass scale. 

1864: The first mass-produced ready-made tie was patented and became widely popular throughout much of Germany and the United States. 

1880The British military abandoned brightly colored uniforms in an effort to camouflage; however, their original colors remained on the stripes of neckties, which became a signature part of their new uniforms. 

1880The first Club Tie, a tie bearing the printed or woven emblem of a club, organization or institution, appeared when members of Oxford University’s rowing team took the striped bands off of their rowing hats and tied them around their necks. 

1920sFrench fashion designers invented the first variation of a “designer tie,” which was made from more expensive materials and decorated with patterns inspired by the Cubism and Art Deco movements. 

1920sThe Macclesfield tie became popular among wealthy Americans. This variation features a geometric pattern that was a specialty of this London area’s textile mills at the turn of the century. 

1926: American tailor Jesse Langsdorf created a new method of tie production that improved elasticity and the fabric’s ability to return to its original shape. 

1936The Duke of Windsor invented the Windsor, a wide, triangular knot placed on shirt collars. Also see The History of the Necktie: The 1930’s

1940sNeckties became wider and were adorned with unique patterns, further symbolizing freedom of expression. 

1947A Grover Chain Shirt Shop employee in Montreal pleaded guilty to immorality charges for selling ties featuring pictures of naked women. 

1950sTies became thinner and less decorative. 

1967Warren Beatty starred in the movie Bonnie and Clyde, which revitalized the American gangster trend of wearing white ties on dark shirts. 

1970: Elvis Presley stopped wearing his plain black tie and introduced the kipper to America, a tie known for its extreme breadth and garish colors and patterns. 

1971The bolo tie, a type of necktie made of a piece of cord or braided leather with decorative metal tips, was named the official state tie of Arizona. 

1980s: Ronald Reagan wore a Windsor tie throughout most of his presidency.


1983Skinny leather ties became popular and were typically worn against paisley or pin-striped shirts. 

1986Clothing company Ralph Marlin produced a tie in the shape of a fish. 

1998Bill Clinton’s tie made headlines because it was a gift from White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. 

2000ABC Neckties was born. 

Today: Popular men’s neckties are slightly wider than those of the 1960s, and they are more colorful. Today’s neckties come in a vast array of stripes, polka dots, solids and designs.

source –


How to know you’ve written a “bad” blog post

I’d like to believe that there is no such thing as a bad post. It may only be that it is not good as the previous ones you’ve written or that right after you published it, the internet went down for an entire day in every corner of the world and that is why you had no comments, reblogs, likes or worst views.

But then you’ve read your post over and over and it seemed entertaining in your eyes. You even shared a giggle or two. You didn’t spend 5minites writing it. It took you close to an hour compiling the words and the perfect pictures to go with it. So what could have been the problem?

As an almost great novice blogger, many us starting this journey will experience a “bad” post day and you’ll know you have one when you do the following:

  •  You constantly keep checking your blog account for updates.

  •  You start thinking that the entire Social Media went dead but when you go on your social accounts you see how alive everyone is.

  • You start having self-doubts and wonder if you must just delete your post.

  • You begin to wonder if your “friends” on Facebook really care or support your interest. After all you always comment and like their statuses.

  •  After feeling all or some of the above you realize that this is not the end of your blogging-world. You then start reminding yourself that you created the blog for yourself first and THEN to share with the rest of the world.

  •  You think of this as a learning experience. Oh how sharp and deep is the lesson?

A day or so later after doing some research on blogging tips you then come into realization that your post was actually not your best work. You acknowledge that you haven’t reached your full potential and you assure yourself that you could actually do better.

This becomes motivating on its own and makes you want to keep aiming for more.

What I have found about blogging or writing is that there is always an opportunity to learn and improve on one’s style of writing. The wisdom from people who’ve advanced and succeeded is endless.

The secret is to keep expressing yourself, don’t stop! Every great skyscraper has its foundation, till it become the giant it is. I want to be successful at blogging so there is no other way or excuse but to keep going. Yes I may have another post day like that again and soon enough there won’t be none.


Bonjour my Bel Ami

French has always been thought as a romantic language and from an early age nothing appeared more romantic for me than laying on a picnic blanket with this extremely good-looking guy on my side, gazing into my eyes and speaking French. At that very moment I would smile endlessly as I saw my future-self lovestruck, staring back at my conquest’s eyes as he uttered words that did nothing but melt my heart. Those words may as well have been that I was wearing a hideous dress and I wouldn’t care much. The only thing that would matter is that he was speaking French and me believing every word of him declaring his love for me.


So, 2014 I finally officially began my journey in learning the language. Believe me I have attempted in the past but other things got in the way. Yeah, yeah I know that is not a good enough excuse. At one point I wanted to learn Italian, then Spanish and back to Italian and French. Anywho, now that I have French speaking friends, learning it now while I still have them around for practicing seemed to be a wise decision. 

I don’t know much about French History or its everyday up and downs. It’s still intriguing that the names of some items or acts have the word “French” before them yet we call out these names all the time without thinking of the history behind them. 

I’ll always love me some french-kiss but after I’ve secretly indulged on some french fries maybe with a bit of french toast if I dare go beyond what my tummy can handle. 

So Bonjour to you:)