50 Shades of my heart

Last night while doing my routine Googling I found the 50 shades of Grey trailer which like everyone else who has read the book did not hesitate to click on it. Firstly I was curious on seeing who was finally selected as Christian Grey and also if it was as sexy as the book described. I remember being excited a while back when they had selected candidates who will play Grey then my interested kind of grew thinner when the person they had chosen at the time wasn’t who I had expected it to be.

I guess that’s the thing with reading books; as you read you picture every little detail and your mind makes you believe that what you are picturing should be as it is, till someone’s version eventually of wins over yours. With the book being turned into a movie you can’t help but sometimes kinda feel disappointed at the choice of actors till they blow you away and pull off the character so well! And well this does not happen all of the time..


Without even getting into the girls, when announcement was made that this guy would play Christian Grey, I was not happy about the choice.



One of my colleagues thought he was hot, while with my one look at him all of that facial hair kinda threw me off. Yeah yeah he may look good shaven and I shouldn’t judge someone in a split second of looking at them but still it wasn’t the Christian Grey I had pictured keeping me glued to the book as I read about his next hot rendezvous.

So that was when I stopped following up on who will play the characters. It felt as though I was starting to take this very personally and I just couldn’t put myself through such emotional turmoil.

Then last night happened, I watched the trailer with great anticipation.

Truth be told I was blown away by the intensity. I was fine with the girl. Mr Grey (Jamie Dornan) definitely was not on top of my list but not a bad choice either.

I guess at the end of the day, you can’t please everyone and one must make try to take the best of moments.The actor I would have loved to play Grey may have not been liked by others Alexander Skarsgard, Matt Bomer or Theo James. So instead of being upset by it all, a little open-mindedness and to give that actor a chance to win you over.

What’s your thought on Jamie Dornan playing Grey? Did the trailer bring back that excitement you had while reading the book?

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