The first top 5 of my eternal blog success

A few years ago I created my very first blog which I was extremely excited about at the time and I always referred to it as my personal online diary. I didn’t know much about blogging apart from it being a platform to express oneself and fill it with events as they occur in my life or that I could make it more like a Self-help blog. To be honest, I never even thought as far as getting traffic, even though I liked the idea that someone somewhere had viewed it. I guess I was too caught up in the excitement that I had a blog. All I wanted to do was to write and write till my brain goes blank then fills up again.

I’ve had quite a few blogs since then, most of which I forgot I had created them since I would go months without even writing. A miserable failure, especially since each time I’d claim I’d be committed and persistent than ever before.

It always feels like a betrayal to self when you know what your passions are then allow other life’s events get in the way of making a success out of them. It starts feeling as though you’ve cheated on one passion for the other.

And I’ve also found that there is a great risk in sharing your passions with everyone because once you start slacking or putting your dreams on hold for whatever reason, they start believing you less whenever you tell them you’ve learned your errors and are trying again.  “I’m serious this time. I’m going to make it work” I’d say.

So I now guard what I say about the things I want the most and only tell those who will cheer at me giving it another shot. After all it is motivating knowing that someone is rooting for you and encourages you to keep trying.

Where am I now? Well, this being my most recent blog, which I’ve made a vow to being faithful to and give it all I can. I’ve written my blog goals down- What I want to achieve, how far I need to be at the specific time and all the steps I need to take to ensure that I get there.

I’m still learning more; getting as much knowledge as I can from successful bloggers and just how to apply that wisdom into my blog while remaining as original. Starting out at anything does come with its own challenges especially when you want nothing but to succeed at it.

When I think of a post to write, it still feels like it’s my very post ever. I get nervous and excited at the same time. Writing something down is like experiencing an event the second time, only this time the experience only happens mentally and it can’t be manipulated. But how you tell is has the power to turn the most ordinary of tales into an exciting adventure.

All I know is that every post is an opportunity to learn and see what can be done better. And with each new day, the list of what I learned starts all over again…

My top 5  blog tips for today and the vows that will help me get to the next level: 


Vow #1: To add a new post at least twice a week or as often as I’m able to. A week without post, will be as good as wasted..


Vow#2: Try to publish a post that I too would stop to read if it was published by another blogger.


Vow#3: this one working in conjunction with 1st vow- after all it will suffocating to my blog & readers publishing 2 posts at the same time. When the inspiration hits its highest peak, write as much and rather set an auto-schedule timer of when I want the next post to publish.


Vow#4: Since my blog is still at its starting stage, as my success grows as keeping the first 3 vows this too follows. It is after-all very essential. Building great relationship with readers and also more traffic through Social Media.


Vow 5: Like Albert Schweitzer said “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

What’s the number #1 thing that has made you succeed at blogging?

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