The Prerogativeness of a Customer

A week ago I wrote to one of my favourite grocery stores PicknPay, expressing how unhappy I was at the lack of consistency in their stock supply at one of their branch-stores located in my area of resident. It did not make sense why they would not get more stock when some products ran out while their other branch-stores always had the products available. It started getting pretty ridiculous as a full month will pass by. This would then result in me having to travel to their branch-stores or different grocery stores to get this single product.

It was clearly obvious that someone was starting to slack at his job.

After weeks of questioning the staff who could only give me assumptions of what shall be on the next rise of the full moon, I had to find a way of expressing this growing rage. Luckily I’ve never been exposed to dangerous chemicals and became victim of science experiment or I would have turned like this guy:


Okay, let me not exaggerate. Rage seems like a strong word to use like if someone were to burn my treasure box of memories/sentimentals just because it didn’t mean anything to them. So I was just mildly upset. It was an inconvenience to me.

I then decided to take the initiative to express my dissatisfaction the best way I know how, in words. I wrote a short & sweet email about how unhappy I was and as you read this you’d be happy to know that the Head Office of the store took action. When I went there today I found the product I needed not in a single brand but in different brands/manufactures. I was thrilledJ

Being someone who is passionate about customer services, over the years I have learned how most stores/business owners miss the simple basic things that could keep their customers not only growing but returning. After all there are two types of unsatisfied customers: those who will vent out and let you know just how unhappy they are. And those who will keep their mouth shut, leave the store, tell everyone they know about the bad experience and not return to you buy your products again. I used to prefer the latter, till I realized that not expressing how I feel kept me more dissatisfied and made things even more inconvenient as I’d have to travel further for the things I wanted.

The funny thing is that once you start voicing your opinion/thoughts as consumer you never stop. This habit is addictive especially when you see good results with every complaint. It makes you feel as though you are also standing up for the dissatisfied mute customers who share the same thought as you but are never bothered to take things further.

So is the customer always right? …That’s a question for another post all together.


Obviously you don’t want to be the person who complaints and moans about everything even when it is absolutely not necessary.

The store might be wrong or for all we know you may be at fault asking for the moon at the candy store. My quick complaint step which I follow in my head quickly before opening my mouth is to:

§ Assess the complaint in my head first. Is it in line with my right as a consumer?

§ What are the stores policies? e.g if a store has a return policy of 30days you can’t expect them to treat you like a queen if you return something 50days later.

§ What realistic results or outcome am I expecting from this?

Once you get into the habit of this, you slowly find less things to be dissatisfied about when doing your shopping and things work out for the best for you.

Just don’t shout at poor manager/assistant or use foul language!! It takes too much energy out of you, so why waste it? It also drags the complaint from being dealt with as everyone finds such people nuisance and makes you keep repeating yourself since whoever is helping you will be too focused in learning new swear words from you and trying to keep you calm at the same time.

So if unsatisfied about your next purchase or shopping experience, EXPRESS IT- speak to manager, call or write to the store. After all it is your money you are spending and only fair that you get a good return for it:)

What’s the latest thing you were unhappy about as a consumer? And who did you tell? Interested to know:)