Welcome to the world of the Extraordinaires

I’m one of those people who love having a good measure of spontaneity with a right amount of routine on the side. I love putting things where I’ll know I will find them. I sometimes put labels on things even when its not necessary (I mean I stay by myself and don’t suffer from amnesia), yet I would still go ahead with labeling a container especially when unpacking something from its original packaging . I love arranging things in blending colors that compliment each other, stripes stick together and the darks at the bottom shelf of my wardrobe. The cds stacked according to genres but the dvds according to the color of dvd case. And no I don’t suffer from any OCD, neither am I in denial about it.

In my loving where to find what I’m looking for, I recently started getting upset with two of my local grocery stores for not frequently stocking my favorite products and today I took the initiative to write them an informal email about my dissatisfaction as a customer for their lack of consistency on their stock. I felt very inconvenience as customer to have to travel to a different outlet to get what I used to normally get a stone throw away from my apartment.  I understand if a product gets discontinued by the manufacture, but it does not make sense if you can find it from the exact same store branch that’s in a different location than yours. I mean why is it that one branch can get the products right and the other can’t. It’s upsetting when people do not do their jobs right, it causes a lot of unnecessary inconvenience and emotions of anger on those who get affected.

 Having had an intensive experience  in customer services I have found that a large percentage of people would rather settle for what they get or shop elsewhere, while there is still a percentage who take the initiative to put their concerns forward. Do not get me wrong, there are people who just love complaining to fulfill their egoistic nature in trying to prove that they know better than the rest. I’ve had an experience with all types of customers and with others you can even feel and tell from their voice just how much fun they are getting from complaining about something they are not deserving of.. But this is for another post..

So, back to keeping things where I’d like them to be…

I can be very messy at times. I would do things as if I’m in an endless music video and the success of the video is dependent on the level of spontaneity I add on it. Those spare of the moment things that make you feel like you are living a complete life. I’m a very chaotically orderly person and on this blog will be sharing my outdoor experiences from secret-shopping, actual shopping and eating out, stories from awesome events, venting out all my bad or good customer services experiences, pics of this & that and rating everything in between.

Hope you’ll enjoy!:)